FDA PVC Suction & Discharge Hose w/ Clear PVC Helix & Static Grounding Wire – 2″ ID x 2.43″ OD, Rated for Abrasives & Chemicals – 40 PSI, 29″ Hg Vacuum

FDA PVC Suction & Discharge Hose w/ Clear PVC Helix & Static Grounding Wire – 2″ ID x 2.43″ OD, Rated for Abrasives & Chemicals – 40 PSI, 29″ Hg Vacuum

Heavy duty suction and discharge hose with an FDA PVC tube and cover with a static grounding wire along side a PVC helix. Designed for use with abrasives, water, light chemicals, powders, pellets and aqueous solutions. Corrugated cover design for improved flexibility.

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-15°F to 158°F

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Introducing the versatile F018201-200 suction and discharge hose, designed to facilitate an array of industrial applications. Boasting a rigid FDA compliant PVC tube and cover that is engineered to withstand abrasives, light chemicals, powders, pellets, water, and aqueous solutions, this heavy-duty hose is an ideal choice for industries where FDA compliance is essential, such as the food and beverage sector. With an innovative design, it features a robust static grounding wire alongside an adaptable PVC helix, which provides durability, flexibility and makes it easy to navigate around tight spaces.

When reliability and durability are paramount, the F018201-200 is the go-to hose. It is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -15°F to 158°F, expanding its potential to a broad range of work environments. The hose can handle considerable pressure and torque of 40 psi and boasts a burst ratio of 03:01:00. The vacuum rating of 29 ensures that this hose meets the needs of various industrial applications. With a user-friendly design that promotes easy monitoring of the product, this hose features a clear PVC helix giving a clear view of contents as they flow through it. The steel wire also prevents unwanted kinking and crushing of the hose, ensuring the safety of contents.

The F018201-200 suction and discharge hose is perfect for transferring liquids, as well as dry materials, with both precision and ease. Its flexible and resilient PVC helix enhances maneuverability, making it a reliable choice for product transport, even when space is limited. This hose has an inner diameter of 2 inches and an outer diameter of 2.43 inches, ensuring that it meets the performance requirements of various industrial sectors.

When you need a hose that can stand up to the rigors of demanding applications, count on the F018201-200 suction and discharge hose. Its FDA compliant PVC construction guarantees compliance with regulatory standards in the food and beverage industry. Its innovative and user-friendly design makes it easy to handle, and with reliable performance, it is the go-to hose for suction and discharge modules in a wide range of industrial capacities. Trust the F018201-200 to meet your needs when it comes to suction and discharge hose performance.

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